I love this! One of the biggest challenges companies face is distilling what they do into bite size chunks.

Too much information is time consuming to read through and it’s often difficult to filter out what’s really needed. A succint elevator pitch type message is critical. I would add that it should also be standardised though. There is little point in having everyone delivering a nice succint message, but all the messages being different.


Magic Wands?

What would I do if I had a magic wand that really worked?   My son asked me this and it got me thinking. What WOULD I do?  What would I change if I could? I’m not thinking about earth shattering life changes (no castles or supercars from this wand I’m afraid), but simply what could I do better?

I could certainly get out cycling more, that’s for sure. Get fitter, get healthier, get more motivated. As much as life is busy, we make excuses for not doing the things we know we should do and secretly want to anyway.  Too tired, too hungry, it’s raining, I don’t have time.

Sooo – I now have the task of creating a magic wand; Manifesting the idea of one anyway, and using it on myself. We don’t need magic for a lot of the things we want. If we can acknowledge what we don’t do and accept that we could if we tried, that magic starts to work all by itself.

What would you do with a magic wand?

Afraid to talk to strangers?


I found this post by Gavin Ingham today and it really struck a chord. So much so that it has galvanised me into action on a long neglected ‘To do’, namely ‘Update MBSProgress blog!’

It’s been too long since I updated here, and I shall endeavour to explain later on. For now, Gavin’s post is essentially regarding a possible correlation between fear of cold calling and the childhood advice a lot of us received when growing up ‘Don’t talk to strangers’.

Is this well meaning advice, drilled into some over and over again in a form of parental brainwashing, preventing sales people from achieving their dreams by making them hesitant to engage with potential clients in later life.  I have to say, I think there may be something in this, and it begs the question of how future generations will deal with similar challenges in a world where ‘real life’ interactions are increasingly being replaced by online associations.  It’s certainly a more subtle form of brainwashing than the Stranger Danger messaging, but if people don’t gain experience of ‘face to face’ ,  ‘voice to voice’ or sometimes even ‘real person to real person’ interactions, how will they fare when they’re plunged into the real world and expected to cope?

What do you think?


Look at that. I havent been updating this blog for ages. Bad of me I know, but it’s never had major readership – 2 or 3 a day generally – and to be fair I got busy. Too much to do, too little time to do it in, and with the best will in the world, I’ve had to reluctantly admit that sometimes you need to just let go a bit and go with the flow. Its a case of floating with it, or drowning trying to fight it all.

The weird thing is that I just logged in here for the first time in almost 6 months and my viewing stats have gone ballistic! Up from 2 a day to 42 on the 6th January.
Now I’m guessing that there’s one reason for that and one reason only. It’s a new year, new decade. Its New Years Resolution time again !!

It’s amazing how much that galvanizes people – at least fore a couple of days or weeks.
Whoever it was that pushed the stats up that much I hope you got some value from my writing. If you really want to get value for yourselves though, DO the stuff that you read about. Decide where you want to go, figure out how you’re going to get there and just start.
Small steps, big steps, giant leaps – I don’t care. Just make sure you do something today, and everyday, that moves you forward.

Good luck, and welcome to 2010!

Fear is temporary, Failure is permanent.

Fear is temporary, failure is permanent. This was a throwaway line from a mountain biking guide I was riding with at the weekend, and it struck me just how true it was. In fact you could substitute an awful lot of words for ‘fear’. (On the day in question, cold, wet, tiredness, climbing, and a number of others could have easily been substituted.)

Why do we make it so easy for ourselves to just give up?  Most of us have heard the saying that we’ve never failed until we stop trying. A lot of us even agree with it, even more if you count the ones who just won’t admit it. What we don’t like to admit is that once we do give up, we have failed. We can always start again, but that attempt has failed, and we are NEVER going to get it back.   Maybe if we think of this a little more it might just give us the extra impetus to try just that little bit harder, to keep it going just that little bit longer, to resist the easy option of stopping, to make that one extra phone call, to keep on going until we hit the targets we set ourselves for a reason.


A bird does not sing because it has an answer,

It sings because it has a song.


I don’t blog because I know it all,

I blog because I like to.

Speaking tips for confidence and power

 wrote this ages ago. For some reason never got around to putting it on here. Found it after a speaking engagement recently so thought I’d share it with you.  Enjoy 🙂

Speaking tips for Confidence & Power


Posture is the key!

The way you carry yourself has a huge influence on the way you feel. If you slump and look unconfident, it is likely you will feel that way too. If you stand up straight, and confident ready to take on the world, you’ll feel, and sound, significantly better!

Know your subject

If you know what you’re going to speak about without having to refer to notes too often, you will be much more confident and articulate, and your speech will ‘flow’ well.

Don’t be shy

When you are speaking, the audience ‘know’ you’re the expert. They want you to do well, and they want to learn from you. Act the part.

Be ‘larger than life’

Nothing you do ever seems as big or as silly to the audience as it does to you. Small gestures can get lost – consider making them BIGGER!

Remember to breathe

Without air, your voice will die (and so will you, after a bit). Don’t talk so fast that you have to gasp for breath, pace yourself and breathe ‘normally’.

Find the passion!

Be passionate about your subject. A less rounded speech delivered with passion and conviction will ALWAYS be better than a perfectly written speech delivered in a dull and lifeless fashion.

About me.

A professional speaker focused on helping people get more out of their day; for themselves and their companies.
I help people get things done by helping them realise that all the knowledge in the world will do absolutely NOTHING for them - if they don’t use it.
I want to change the world, and getting the right people in the right place is only the start. In todays world it is so, so easy to get pulled into doing all the wrong things. I help people figure out what the right and wrong things are and make sure their energies are focused in the right place.
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