Do you KNOW what to DO?

“Maybe Blogging might be a good medium to get your message across” she said. So here I am. Rather than just thinking about putting a blog together, not knowing exactly how and why, but knowing it was a good idea, I’m starting up a blog.

Hopefully it will be more than just a collection of thoughts and ideas to help and inspire you to get more done and achieve more, as I do have all sorts of plans for this page. 

Some of the ideas I’ve had for content so far are as follows :-

  • Referrals to other pages with good ideas, hints and tips to do more.
  • Book reviews about relevant and interesting / inspiring books.
  • Links to useful tools & technology
  • Casual links just to help you ‘feel’ good (because we all need to just chill sometimes)
  • Downloads
  • Recommendations
  • and comment on all the above

This will be a dynamic page, and I’ll be keeping it up to date regularly. Bookmark me and check back – you know you want to 🙂


If you really want to get something done, tell people about it. Don’t give yourself the option of backing out!


1 Response to “Do you KNOW what to DO?”

  1. 1 Amreeta Chapman February 12, 2007 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to add my thanks in writing to you as the person who’s instigated me in DOING something to make my goal come tru rather than just TALK about it, as i have been during all these years.

    You know that i have acheived several of my dreams but we all have some of them that we talk about and then leave the rest unsaid, like how scared we are to have it become real because we cannot imagine ourselves so successful, or how lazy we feel to take that first step ahead and isn’t it better to dream about it rather than stand up and walk towrds it?etc, etc, etc….

    I told you about my ambition and you said “so what are you going to do today to achieve that dream?” I was shocked and puzzled at the same time because suddenly you brought that dream at my dorrstep and you were ringing the bell for my mind. Thta was the shock but the puzzlement was about “how come i never started doing what i am doing now? how come i am doing it after talking to you?” I ma simply spending 30 minutes in front of my computer and everyday the dream is coming abit closer and closer and thanks to you Mark, today i am marching towards my goal instead of talking about it wistfully.

    DOes it matter what is my goal? NO, waht matters is what are YOU going to do today to achieve that one goal of YOURS?

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I help people get things done by helping them realise that all the knowledge in the world will do absolutely NOTHING for them - if they don’t use it.
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