Blink – The Power of thinking without thinking

The ultimate book about knowing what to do  and then just doing it.   Blink explores how people sometimes have almost paranormal instincts about things.  Instincts often trustworthy enough to be relied upon and acted on. Malcolm Gladwell is the bestselling author of ‘The Tipping Point’, and has created another masterpiece here.  His major claim is that ‘gut feel’ can often be more reliable than decisions made after painstaking information gathering and analysis. 

So many people in this world get caught up trying to understand everything before they act, even though their gut feeling tells them almost instantly what they should be doing. Blink is an analysis of this gut feeling and concludes that for the most part, instincts are based on ‘behind the scenes’ processing, which is just as valid as conscious thought.

It’s well written, and easily digested. With plenty of interesting anecdotes; a sculpture identified at a glance as a fake after huge amounts of analysis and study ‘proved’ it was legit; a fireman ordering his entire crew out of an apparently safe house just moments from disaster; Gladwell make cases both for and against trusting your instincts, and provides us with a fascinating and enjoyable read.

If you want to understand and/or trust your gut instincts better than you already do, you should buy this book.  Highly recommended.

BlinkBlink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking


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