Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Do You Need to Write a Business Plan? «

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Do You Need to Write a Business Plan? «

This is an interesting article, and on a subject I have debated with colleagues, established business owners and entrepreneurs in the past. My own view on the question of whether you need to write a business plan or not is clear. Absolutely YES!

Not because it provides you with a business blueprint or specific path to follow, but because the process of putting a plan together helps you to consider all of the options involved and understand them more fully. It sharpens up the target, forcing you to clarify exactly where you want to go (Even if this should change in the future). It forces you to consider exactly what you want to achieve, which absolutely HAS to be a lot more than just ‘I want to start a business’. It helps you to consider what might get in the way and how you plan on moving past these obstacles, and it provides an outline plan of attack on how you will achieve what you set out to achieve.

It shouldn’t be a rigid, unchangeable, ‘thou shalt follow this plan’ type document, but a guideline and a thought process to help you make sure you’re on the right track. With one, you at least have clarified what you want to achieve without working on a fundamentally flawed business model that you just haven’t realised is fundamentally flawed.

If you’re not sure, write a plan. If you are sure, write a plan. It needn’t take that long, and might save a lot of hassle.  You KNOW this is what you should do, don’t talk yourself out of it!


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