Powerful Goal Setting… Part Four « Powered by COMMUNICATION!

Powerful Goal Setting… Part Four « Powered by COMMUNICATION!

This is an interesting article by my friend Jean, at Powered by Communication. It’s thought provoking, and certainly made me think. It’s a different take on the ‘goals’ subject, and offers thoughts on contributing to causes that are bigger than us. Not enough of us think about what we can give back. We’re often all too focused on what we can get out. It’s a useful excercise to consider what we’d like to do given unlimited resources – maybe there are ways we could do something; even if it’s not the ideal something, the key is DOING, not just knowing we should.   The wheel of fate keeps turning, karma weaves its tapestry through all of our lives. Are we balanced in what we’re doing? Supporting as well as being supported?

I have a firm belief that if ALL voluntary contributions were stopped overnight, the worlds economy would suffer to an ENORMOUS degree, so we owe it to ourselves and to the world to give a little something back now and then.

Check it out – see what you think.


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