What makes a good leader?

What makes a good leader?

What are the things that make a good leader?

What is it that differentiates ‘OK’ performers and ‘outstanding’ performers? Why is it that some people overachieve with ease, and others with exactly the same resources underperform?

In a word – attitude.

A person with a positive ‘can do’ attitude who sets goals and moves toward them with determination and commitment will always achieve more than someone with a less positive attitude whose target is ‘too high’ or believes it ‘will never happen because…’. A positive attitude can make all the difference to both individual and organisational performance, motivation, productivity, and management. So how do we encourage it in ourselves and others?

Contrary to popular belief attitude is not an inherited trait. Typically, it is a learned response – we are conditioned over time to think and respond to our environment over time. Ever since we were children our experiences have shaped our responses to the world and have made us who we are today. BUT we can change this – just because we have always done something in a particular way, or always been told that ‘that’s the way it is’ does not always make it true or right. You can decide for yourself how to react to situations. Whether to be motivated or not, and whether to think positively or react negatively. Just try this for the next Month. When you catch yourself believing it can’t be done or reacting negatively to something, ask yourself this question. ‘For this to have a positive outcome, what would I need to do?’ and then, if it’s possible, do it.

Remember its always a choice. Feel bad about things or recognise that there are things you can do to improve – personally and in business. Change your attitude to think and act more positively, and your view of the world may just change with it.


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