Sunday mornings

I LOVE Sunday mornings!  While everybody else is sleeping in and wasting daylight, it’s a rare Sunday when I’m not up and about, riding my bike at 8AM.

Over the years, a lot of people have called me many things!  “Who wants to get up that early on a weekend?!?”, “You’re a loon – I’d much rather be tucked up warm and cosy!” Well, sometimes I have to admit to being tempted to agree. Crawling out of bed when I really didn’t want to would be a real challenge – what if it’s wet outside? – What if I’m in the middle of a great dream? – What if I’m hung-over?  

The thing is, on Sunday mornings I rarely have trouble, because I’ve already told myself I’m going to do it!  Sunday morning is MY time. I can get up and do exactly what I want to do. Very often, this involves cycling in silly places, getting very muddy and cold and returning home with a silly grin plastered across my face which I just can’t wash off with the rest of the mud! Other times – if it’s raining too hard to even get my bike out without getting soaked, for example – I’ll sit down and catch up on a bit of reading I’ve been meaning to do. Trade magazines or articles that I just haven’t made the time to read over the last few weeks. Occasionally I’ll make a decision before I go to bed that I AM going to have a lie in this time, but even this is MY time, and I’m doing it because I know I need to.

What does it get me? This getting up early and having some MY time?  It gets me just that – time. If I get up a couple of hours later on a Sunday morning I’d be stealing time. If I was a bit later getting on my bike I’d get back later and then I’d be stealing time from my family – Come mid morning, the kids are up and they want Dad to spend some time with them – I’d be messing up their day as well as my own.

If I didn’t go cycling, I wouldn’t have that silly grin on my face and I’d really miss that (I’d probably end up less healthy as well!). If I didn’t read those articles, I’d have to squeeze them in or not read them and neither of those options really does me any favours. Now you may consider me a loon. You may not want to go cycling. You may even have a very good reason why Sunday mornings aren’t a good time for you to be getting up and doing anything. Think about it though. Because if you’re one of those people that whines that you never have time to do anything. You can’t get fit because… You can’t keep up to date on information because… When I do go out later in the day, the car parks are full, there are loads more people on the trails causing queues, and most of them are moaning because of these same facts.

There IS an easy way to avoid it; you just have to decide to do it! 


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