Top 8 Ways to beat stress and keep well.

Stress – the killer of workplace productivity and the scourge of happy family lives.

Believe it or not, all of us suffer from stress to a greater or lesser degree, and we all have varying levels of tolerance. Things that would stress one person to artery popping, red faced, headless chicken state might be dealt with as a minor annoyance to another person, who might be stressed out by something completely different that stressed eric above finds a total breeze to deal with.    It even varies within individuals, with some days (often a Monday, or a day off when the kids are running around in manic fashion) being lots more stressful than others.

Chill Out, maaaan.  We need to deal with it – relax and get on with our lives.  As a person who is regularly (although not always) described as “so laid back he’s almost horizontal”, here are my top 8 tips for chilling out and dealing with stress. They sort of help with general fitness in a lot of ways as well, which can only be good, can’t it?

1 – Organise

       Take time to figure out what you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. KNOWING is a lot simpler and less stressful than constantly remembering all the bits you haven’t got round to. If the list gets too long, pick the bits NOT to do!

2 – Take a break

       By this I mean REALLY take a break. Stop what you’re doing and chill for a moment, a minute or 5 minutes. Take a walk around and let your mind wander. When you look back at what you are doing you may see things you hadn’t considered before.

3 – Eat and drink well

      8 Glasses of water a day really isn’t THAT much. Pretty much ALL the water in our bodies needs to be replaced every 6 weeks or so, so you need to replace it and flush out the nasties that build up inside. Fruit and veg are good. Chocolate less so – no cheating here, chocolate covered nuts really don’t cut it as a healthy snack.

4 – Start each day as a new day

       take a new look and make sure you still need to do the things that were left over. If you do, schedule the time and get them done. If you don’t, drop them. You KNOW taht the inevitable new tasks will take over at some point. Make sure they’re valuable to YOU and not just makework.

5 – Plan Weekends as well

       They are a part of your life you know. If you want to spend the whole weekend chilling out on the sofa, do it. Just make sure you put it in your diary I’m pretty sure it won’t go in too often as it’s just too depressing after a while. Don’t cheat and just do it without scheduling it – think about all the stuff you COULD be doing instead and schedule that in.

6 – Make time for yourself

       A half hour every day of ‘me’ time is hugely refreshing. Whether it’s getting out cycling (my personal favorite), playing XBox, reading a book or counting your money, ‘me’ time is time to reflect and remember the good stuff that you’ve achieved.

7 – Take less drugs!

       I know, you don’t take drugs right?  Weell – how about the caffeine, the alcohol and the nicotine. It might feel like it’s getting you through, but overrall they’re really not good for a healthy, stress free life. Think about the money you’ll save for a start!  It’s gotta be stress relieving to know that you’re not going to be smoking your way through £1000 a year or more.

8 – Decide to do something

       Procrastination is the biggest time waster of all, and lack of time is one of the most stresful elements of modern life. make a decision – decide to decide. A decision made is one less thing to waste time on, and one more piece of paper dealt with, done, delegated, diaried or dumped.

But….You KNOW all this. I’m no genius, and unless you’ve been living in a fishtank your whole life you must have read a dozen things that are similar. If you’ve found better tips, use them instead. Life isn’t one size fits all and there may well be other stuff out ther that fits you better.  Just don’t let yourself write it off and ‘get around to it’. If it’s worth doing its worth doing now. DO what you KNOW.



2 Responses to “Top 8 Ways to beat stress and keep well.”

  1. 1 jasonmichael24 August 17, 2007 at 4:40 pm

    Great advice! The genius lies in the simplicity. So many times we overlook what we think are “the little things” like eating well, sleeping, and taking time for ourselves, not realizing these “little things” are our foundation. Thanks!

  2. 2 jeffwangbest August 22, 2007 at 6:04 am

    Mark, you are good at dealing with stress.
    It’s of great help to me at this very moment. I am suffer from great stress these days for my first PM job.
    And may I add “Confidence” and “Belief” to this?

    1. Confidence
    Most of the time, we suffer stress because we are doing something we have never done before; in other words, we don’t know if we can handle it well. That’s when stress comes about.
    And confidence cannot be built in one day. It comes from all the work we have done before. A piece of work done, a piece of confidence gained.

    2. Belief
    Like you said in you another entry “Believe and Make it Happen”, “Belife is a funny thing”. If we don’t believe, how could we make it happen? It we cannot make it happen this time, how can we avoid suffering from stress next time?

    That’s obvious.

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