Stormin Norman’s Ten (+1) Commandments for Leaders

These are General H. “Stormin’ ” Norman Schwarzkopf’s eleven commandments for leaders, from the book Sharpening the Sword: A Calling to Strong and Courageoous Leadership, by Stephen D. Hower

I particularly like no’s 9 and 11, but they are all very good advice.

1.  You must have clear goals. You must be able to articulate them clearly to others.

2.  Give Yourself a clear agenda. Every morning, write the five most important things to accomplish that day, and get those five done.

3.  Let people know where they stand.

4.  What’s broken, fix now. Don’t put it off. Problems that aren’t dealt with only lead to more problems.

5.  No repainting the flagpole. Make sure all the work your people are doing is essential to the organisation.

6.  Set high standards. People won’t generally perform above your expectations, so its important to expect a lot.

7.  Lay the concept out, but let your people execute it. Tell them in the clearest terms what you want done, but let them suggest the best way to do it.

8.  People come to work to succeed. So don’t operate on the principle that if they aren’t watched and supervised, they’ll bungle the job.

9.  Never lie. Ever.

10.  When in charge, take command. Some leaders who feel they don’t have adequate information put off deciding to do anything at all. The best policy is to decide, monitor the results, and change course when necessary.

11.  Do what’s right. The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.


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