An update on a Duathlon

Weeelll – you know how it is. I meant to do it, I really did. I had my goal all set – finish a 2/10/2 Duathlon (Thats a 2 mile run, 10 mile ride and another 2 mile run, all off road) in less than 90Minutes.  I had my training plan all mapped out, I knew exactly what I had to achieve each step of the way.


Things get in the way. Stuff happens. Plans change. Goals change. Life changes. Who I am today is not the same as who I was yesterday, and accomodations must be made that appreciate that.  Blah, blah, blah… Excuses, excuses….

You may be thinking by now that I didn’t race the Duathlon, and you’d be WRONG. The bit that changed was the time and position goal. Having become incredibly busy at work, my family took precedence over training for a personal achevement goal and I din’t spend enough time training. The plan went out of the window to be replace by a new, less intensive and less structured plan. I.e. I didn’t go jogging as much as I could have or should have to achieve what I wanted to achieve. 

That is NOT to say that I failed. No one fails until they give up, and often perceived failure is merely because the goal wasn’t set right to begin with. Priorities change and we should not get overly upset about goals changing along with these. They are, after all, only targets.

So, although I don’t yet know the final results, I’m pretty suer I didn’t achieve my placeing goal (top 40%), and I’m absolutely certain I didn’t achieve my time goal (90 minutes).  It has to be said though, that the appalling weather today had a significant impact on the time goal. Running in temperatures approx 2C, and sheeting rain does that. I was muddier, colder and more exhausted finishing this event than I have been in a looong time. The sense of achievement remains though – I completed it in approximately 1Hr 55 Minutes.

Now its just a case of stepping up the training for the next event in February.


2 Responses to “An update on a Duathlon”

  1. 1 craigdurkee November 19, 2007 at 2:41 am

    mate thats still an awesome effort and you should be very proud. I am a rubbish swimmer so am also looking to do some duathlons this year, reading your post has made me want to really push it

    thanks craig

  2. 2 mbsprogress November 19, 2007 at 3:34 am

    Thanks Craig. Much appreciated. I’ll update with actual results tomorrow and spur myself on for the next one 🙂
    I always find the more people I tell the harder it is to back out 🙂

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