The Way of the Dog ‘The Art of Making Success Inevitable’ by Geoff Burch.

The Way of The Dog - Geoff BurchThe Way of The Dog – The Art of Making Success Inevitable

I haven’t written a book review for a while now, so I thought it about time.  The Way of The Dog, by Geoff Burch is one I read recently and thought it would fit here.

‘The Art of Making Success Inevitable” is the subtitle, and a little more descriptive than the main title. Unlilke other books of this ilk though, it’s presented as a novel, rather than as a dry text book, which makes it extremely easy and enjoyable to read.

It’s essentially a story about an unsuccessful salesperson, who exhibits pretty much every self sabotage trait going. Picking and choosing people to call on, seeing every obstacle as an insurmountable barrier, getting defensive and aggresive with clients and, shockingly, believing that his prospects are stupid because they won’t listen to what he has to say.

Getting turned into a sheepdog could easily have become a stopper for him, but it’s turned on its head and used to tell a story which graphically illustrates what most of us ‘know’, but don’t ‘do’.

I’d be lying if I said there was any great revelations here, but then- are there any great revelations to be revealed nowadays?  Ina  world where most of us know most of what we should be doing but have forgotten to apply it, this is a useful reminder and an enjoyable book to boot.

Check it out.
The Way of the Dog: The Art of Making Success Inevitable The Way of the Dog - Geoff Burch


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