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Speaking tips for confidence and power

 wrote this ages ago. For some reason never got around to putting it on here. Found it after a speaking engagement recently so thought I’d share it with you.  Enjoy 🙂

Speaking tips for Confidence & Power


Posture is the key!

The way you carry yourself has a huge influence on the way you feel. If you slump and look unconfident, it is likely you will feel that way too. If you stand up straight, and confident ready to take on the world, you’ll feel, and sound, significantly better!

Know your subject

If you know what you’re going to speak about without having to refer to notes too often, you will be much more confident and articulate, and your speech will ‘flow’ well.

Don’t be shy

When you are speaking, the audience ‘know’ you’re the expert. They want you to do well, and they want to learn from you. Act the part.

Be ‘larger than life’

Nothing you do ever seems as big or as silly to the audience as it does to you. Small gestures can get lost – consider making them BIGGER!

Remember to breathe

Without air, your voice will die (and so will you, after a bit). Don’t talk so fast that you have to gasp for breath, pace yourself and breathe ‘normally’.

Find the passion!

Be passionate about your subject. A less rounded speech delivered with passion and conviction will ALWAYS be better than a perfectly written speech delivered in a dull and lifeless fashion.


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