Fear is temporary, Failure is permanent.

Fear is temporary, failure is permanent. This was a throwaway line from a mountain biking guide I was riding with at the weekend, and it struck me just how true it was. In fact you could substitute an awful lot of words for ‘fear’. (On the day in question, cold, wet, tiredness, climbing, and a number of others could have easily been substituted.)

Why do we make it so easy for ourselves to just give up?  Most of us have heard the saying that we’ve never failed until we stop trying. A lot of us even agree with it, even more if you count the ones who just won’t admit it. What we don’t like to admit is that once we do give up, we have failed. We can always start again, but that attempt has failed, and we are NEVER going to get it back.   Maybe if we think of this a little more it might just give us the extra impetus to try just that little bit harder, to keep it going just that little bit longer, to resist the easy option of stopping, to make that one extra phone call, to keep on going until we hit the targets we set ourselves for a reason.


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