Look at that. I havent been updating this blog for ages. Bad of me I know, but it’s never had major readership – 2 or 3 a day generally – and to be fair I got busy. Too much to do, too little time to do it in, and with the best will in the world, I’ve had to reluctantly admit that sometimes you need to just let go a bit and go with the flow. Its a case of floating with it, or drowning trying to fight it all.

The weird thing is that I just logged in here for the first time in almost 6 months and my viewing stats have gone ballistic! Up from 2 a day to 42 on the 6th January.
Now I’m guessing that there’s one reason for that and one reason only. It’s a new year, new decade. Its New Years Resolution time again !!

It’s amazing how much that galvanizes people – at least fore a couple of days or weeks.
Whoever it was that pushed the stats up that much I hope you got some value from my writing. If you really want to get value for yourselves though, DO the stuff that you read about. Decide where you want to go, figure out how you’re going to get there and just start.
Small steps, big steps, giant leaps – I don’t care. Just make sure you do something today, and everyday, that moves you forward.

Good luck, and welcome to 2010!


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About me.

A professional speaker focused on helping people get more out of their day; for themselves and their companies.
I help people get things done by helping them realise that all the knowledge in the world will do absolutely NOTHING for them - if they don’t use it.
I want to change the world, and getting the right people in the right place is only the start. In todays world it is so, so easy to get pulled into doing all the wrong things. I help people figure out what the right and wrong things are and make sure their energies are focused in the right place.
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