Afraid to talk to strangers?

I found this post by Gavin Ingham today and it really struck a chord. So much so that it has galvanised me into action on a long neglected ‘To do’, namely ‘Update MBSProgress blog!’

It’s been too long since I updated here, and I shall endeavour to explain later on. For now, Gavin’s post is essentially regarding a possible correlation between fear of cold calling and the childhood advice a lot of us received when growing up ‘Don’t talk to strangers’.

Is this well meaning advice, drilled into some over and over again in a form of parental brainwashing, preventing sales people from achieving their dreams by making them hesitant to engage with potential clients in later life.  I have to say, I think there may be something in this, and it begs the question of how future generations will deal with similar challenges in a world where ‘real life’ interactions are increasingly being replaced by online associations.  It’s certainly a more subtle form of brainwashing than the Stranger Danger messaging, but if people don’t gain experience of ‘face to face’ ,  ‘voice to voice’ or sometimes even ‘real person to real person’ interactions, how will they fare when they’re plunged into the real world and expected to cope?

What do you think?


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