Magic Wands?

What would I do if I had a magic wand that really worked?   My son asked me this and it got me thinking. What WOULD I do?  What would I change if I could? I’m not thinking about earth shattering life changes (no castles or supercars from this wand I’m afraid), but simply what could I do better?

I could certainly get out cycling more, that’s for sure. Get fitter, get healthier, get more motivated. As much as life is busy, we make excuses for not doing the things we know we should do and secretly want to anyway.  Too tired, too hungry, it’s raining, I don’t have time.

Sooo – I now have the task of creating a magic wand; Manifesting the idea of one anyway, and using it on myself. We don’t need magic for a lot of the things we want. If we can acknowledge what we don’t do and accept that we could if we tried, that magic starts to work all by itself.

What would you do with a magic wand?


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I help people get things done by helping them realise that all the knowledge in the world will do absolutely NOTHING for them - if they don’t use it.
I want to change the world, and getting the right people in the right place is only the start. In todays world it is so, so easy to get pulled into doing all the wrong things. I help people figure out what the right and wrong things are and make sure their energies are focused in the right place.
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