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Less than words…

Have you ever listened to someone trying to explain something when they’re flustered or stressed?

Every other word seems to be an ‘um’ or an ‘ah’, the paragraphs are peppered with ‘actually’ or ‘you know’. Each sentence takes two or three times as long to say, and sometimes almost the same to unravel in your head enough to understand what is trying to be said. I say unravel as that is exactly what we have to do. The meaning gets lost in amongst all the filler words that we use in day to day conversation and the primary reason for talking in the first place – communication- is overwhelmed by useless utterances.

In Toastmasters clubs they often have an ‘ah’ counter; someone who studiously counts all of the ‘ums’, ‘ahs’, and other filler words. (I should point out here that I am a member of 3 different toastmasters clubs in England –Reading Speakers Club, Camberley Communicators & Leaders, and Marlow Orators (an advanced club). Primarily because I believe in practicing public speaking and stretching my abilities, and also because I enjoy it!)

The ‘ah’ counters report is something a lot of people dread. As human beings we hate being told we’ve done something wrong. I don’t see it like this. I always see it as being helped to become better. By having it pointed out that I hesitated and ‘um’d 6 times in two minutes, I become far more aware of my own speech patterns and how I can correct them. At a recent toastmasters meeting the ‘ah’ counter announced that she would be counting ‘actually’ as a specific verbal crutch. A real word, yes, but one that is often used as an unnecessary filler word. Unsurprisingly through the entire meeting we only had one instance of someone using ‘actually’ as a filler word. Awareness was raised – people concentrated on their own language and did not pad out their speech.

Why do we people use filler words anyway?

Aren’t they completely useless and unnecessary?

Well – for the most part, NO.

In a regular conversation, a certain amount of filler words can aid the flow of communication process. They can make it obvious that we are thinking about our words, processing them so we can deliver ideas smoothly and fluidly. They can also be used defensively; to maintain our side of the conversation without leaving a gap where someone else can jump in and ‘take over’. It’s only when we start to overuse words that they really become a problem.

When we overuse filler words it starts to impede communication. It makes it more difficult for people to understand us, and as we have to then rely on them to interpret what we’re saying its entirely possible that they misunderstand. It can even make us sound like we don’t understand or don’t know about our topic!  I’m certain that we can all point to examples of this in other people. That’s easy. What I recommend is to try listening to your own speech patterns; picking up on your own verbal crutches. Not just the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’, but the ‘actuallys’, the ‘you knows’, the ‘whatsits’ and the ‘so’s. Only you know what words you use, and only you can correct them.

One thing extra if you’ve got to the end.  If you’ve nodded and agreed as you’ve read this – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

(and let me know how you get on 🙂 )


Speech Contest

Tonight, I chaired a speech contest at one of my local Toastmasters clubs, Reading Speakers. I can’t tell you how impressed I was at the standards of speeches and calibre of people who helped out behind the scenes. I just wish there were more of them! 

There were actually two contests tonight. a speech contest where people spoke for 5-7 minutes on a subject of their own choosing; We had subjects as diverse as ‘Football – Sport or business’ and ‘Continuous Improvement’, and we had an evaluation contest, where a person from another club gave a speech to be evaluated multiple times so that the evaluators can be judged.  How brave do you think you have to be for that! Could you deliver a speech to a 30 strong audience knowing that 5 vof those people are going to stand up and tell you exactly what they thought of it? To give you a critical evaluation of how they perceived your speech?    Most people would be terrified at the prospect, but we had two volunteers for this slot!

How about entering the contest itself? Would you be brave enough to deliver a speech or an evaluation knowing you were being judged and it wasn’t just that ever present ‘feeling’ that you were.

What about helping out behind the scenes? We had visitors from 3 other clubs to help make this thing work, and without them we would have struggled to get things done.

Sooo much work has to get done behind the scenes to make these things happen. If you think it’s brave to enter the contest, have a think about putting it together in the first place and chairing the whole thing or being the chief judge! 

We have a fantastic organisation at Reading Speakers, and one I’m proud to be a part of. EVERYBODY who took part in any capacity this evening has earned my respect by doing instead of just thinking about it.  

What reward do they get for doing this? For the most part, nothing physical (although I did give out a couple of bottles of wine as a personal thank you), but they get the knowledge and satisfaction of a job well done, another fear conquered, another step forward in their personal ambitions to achieve more. They get the immeasurable reward that comes from DOING what they knew they should be doing.  Could you do more? DO you think you should? Do you KNOW you should?

Do it, do something, do it now and tell me what you did. Help me make the world a better place by making yourself a better person.


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